Collectbritain has spent the past month providing our readers in-depth information and exclusive audio of the debate over the 29 Western Bypass project. Now, we have dusted off VDOT’s 1997 plans and created 3D visualizations that allow you to see how this proposed road would impact the character of your commute, of your neighborhood, and of our community.

In June we shared an overlay of the Western Bypass map usable within Google Earth. That was useful for showing you WHERE the road was located, but not WHAT it would look like when built in real terrain.

Today we are pleased to share our first 3D visualizations of the Western Bypass. We think these images bring a lot of the details into focus like never before.

In our Western Bypass information center , you can view a slideshow of 24 different perspectives of the project, download an image you like, or grab one Adobe PDF with everything for easy viewing on your own computer.

You can also review our brief summary of the current status of the Western Bypass in regards to costs, design, efficacy, and the public process. We even have a comprehensive and interactive timeline that will give you a great refresher on this project’s long history.

View Collectbritain’s 3D visualizations of the Western Bypass
(View individual images in Flickr or download a complete PDF , 15.2 MB)

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