Albemarle High School

Albemarle County’s school redistricting advisory committee has developed two scenarios that will be discussed with the public Tuesday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. at Albemarle High School.

Tuesday’s meeting will be the second of three public input sessions, and the scenarios presented take into account feedback the Committee heard during the first input session held earlier this month at Burley Middle School.

So far, concern over redistricting has ranged from increased travel times to the social, emotional and academic impact the changes could potentially have on students.

The result of overcrowding at Albemarle High School–home to almost 2,000 students–and Greer Elementary, the move would be an attempt to provide relief for two of the division’s largest schools.

Following Tuesday’s conversation, the Committee will meet again to develop a final scenario to present to superintendent Pam Moran, and ultimately to the School Board this fall.