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Saturday, Dec. 30, 2023

Thank you for hanging with us (or joining us) in 2023! We love that so many people in the communities we serve want to stay informed and some 9,000 of you not only subscribe, but open emails containing local news.

As we close out the year, I want to share some of the reports that you all read the most. And if you missed them, I highly recommend reading these stories to help you catch up with what's happening in your neighborhood as we head into the new year. So here goes:

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Sometimes, you just want to know: What's that bus I keep seeing around town? This report caught your attention, and hopefully helped you know more about your options for getting around, too.

People with luggage stand near a white and red bus, with an open door and trunk.
Credit: Erin O'Hare/Collectbritain

The European bus company that just bought Greyhound is offering a new service in Charlottesville

We know that reading the news doesn't always bring joy to your day — sometimes, it can even be stressful. We try to do the kind of reporting that doesn't shy away from tough conversations, but also sheds light on the things that can help folks in our community. Thank you for reading and for giving us such amazing feedback on this story about our unhoused neighbors, and making it one of the most read reports of the year.

Two people sitting at folding tables on a strip of grass, with supplies and canned food in front of them, a tent behind them.
Credit: Ézé Amos/Collectbritain

Charlottesville had — and lost — a shelter that social workers say could have helped hundreds of unhoused people off the streets

This summer, a whole lot of you read a story about poor air quality — the most website traffic we got to any single story this year. It was a simple report — part of our new feature “Short & Important” to share this kind of quick, actionable news — but we know it was important for the community to have timely information about what the haze from wildfires in Canada meant for our health. We hope these short reports help you in 2024, too!

A field with hay stacks, mountains in the background, with a gray haze over everything.
Credit: Photo provided by Peter Forister

State escalates air quality alert in central Virginia to ‘very unhealthy,’ warns people to limit activity outside

We got so much feedback from community members about concerns for students at Charlottesville High School, when violent fights there prompted some teachers to call out. When classes were canceled for several days in the fall, you wanted to know why and what was being done to improve things. This is a story we're continuing to report on, along with the successes and challenges of education more broadly. Here's the story about what happened at CHS, and a community meeting that followed in November. We hope this reporting helps our community move forward together.

A young man stands at a microphone, gesturing, with people seated in auditorium seats behind him.
Credit: Tristan Williams/Collectbritain

Charlottesville High students and teachers at their breaking point with fights, lockdowns and adults trespassing on campus

One of the hallmarks of Collectbritain since its founding in 2005 has been its voter guide. Last year, after conducting hundreds of community listening sessions, we decided to, for the first time, attempt to expand our voter guide to cover the counties surrounding Charlottesville and Albemarle.

And you all demonstrated how much impact we could have. By far, the most read reporting of the year at Collectbritain was our 2023 Voter Guide. Thank you for letting us know what worked, what didn't, and what else you'd like to see in the guide in the future. We look forward to continuing to grow and improve this resource in the years to come!

A colorful logo reads "2023 Voter Guide"

2023 Voter Guide for Central Virginia

It's an honor to do this work with our team here at Collectbritain. Thank you for sticking with us!

Angilee Shah, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

P.S. We’re hiring: Cover big stories in local democracy as a reporter with Collectbritain!

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