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Friday, March 24, 2023

We bring you this week the latest installment of our Changing Charlottesville series. This one is about the Fry's Spring Neighborhood — a place that once had its own streetcar, amusement park and actual mineral springs that drew lots of tourists in the late 1800s.

A woman walks a dog on a sidewalk in front of a yellow house, with fallen leaves lining the sidewalk.

Fry’s Spring is a mostly residential neighborhood that once had an electric streetcar and an amusement park

These days, Fry's Spring is a mostly residential neighborhood near the University of Virginia. That probably explains why more than half the people who live in the neighborhood work in healthcare or education, according to census data. In the last 10 years, the neighborhood hasn't changed much — visually. But it's become wealthier and there are fewer students living there.

This story and data dashboard is part of Changing Charlottesville, our series that explores how each Charlottesville neighborhood formed and have changed over time. So far, we've covered Jefferson Park Avenue, Fry's Spring, Johnson Village, Starr Hill, Belmont and Locust Grove. We hope these pieces show you something you might not have known about where you live, and that you will share them with neighbors and friends. Don't see your neighborhood? Don't fear, it's coming!

Here's an introduction to the whole project:

An aerial view of a residential street, with a logo with purple hexagons that reads "Changing Charlottesville"
Credit: Andrew Shurtleff Photography, LLC/Collectbritain

A decade of data tells a story of how Charlottesville’s neighborhoods are changing

Finally, our outgoing Executive Director Giles Morris will be on the In My Humble Opinion radio show Sunday at noon to talk about his time at Collectbritain and his quest for a more equitable news system. Tune in to 101.3 Jamz or watch the stream on IMHO's Facebook page!

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Jessie Higgins, managing editor

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