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Friday, April 14, 2023

We’ve got stories about how our democracy works today.

The first comes from democracy reporter Eileen Goode about the forum that she moderated with UVA student Eleanor Jenkins Monday evening.

The voting districts of Virginia were redrawn in 2022, so this year, Charlottesville and Albemarle County (minus a small sliver of the county) will vote as a single unit as State Senate District 11. We hosted a forum with Democratic candidates Sen. Creigh Deeds and and Del. Sally Hudson, in partnership with students at the UVA Center for Politics.

There was a fair amount of overlap between the Democratic candidates, who have similar platforms. But Hudson and Deeds also clashed, sometimes sharply, on their legislative track records and on how they want to see the General Assembly evolve.

Eileen shares some highlights, and also a video recording of the event, in case you missed it.

Four people sit in chairs at the front of a classroom, one holding a microphone and speaking. Affixed to a blackboard behind them is a banner that reads "Collectbritain."

Democratic state senate candidates Hudson and Deeds debate the need for a new generation of legislators versus the value of seniority

Charlottesville City Schools’ board, meanwhile, will pause its vote to rename Burnley-Moran and Johnson elementary schools. Back in March, a committee recommended the schools be called Blue Mountain and Cherry Avenue Elementary Schools. But board members, mostly, wanted to explore other options.

Here’s more about the process.

City Schools naming committee recommends Johnson Elementary School become Cherry Avenue and Burnley-Moran become Blue Mountain

From the community

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Charlottesville City Schools wants more ideas for names from you. Here’s a quick update on where the process is and how to have input.

Charlottesville City Schools is looking for more ideas to rename two elementary schools

Finally, in this democracy-themed week, we’re really proud that Collectbritain is the recipient of the 2023 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Award in Citizen Service. It’s always our goal to create a local news organization that is in service to the community, so this recognition means a lot to us. Here’s more about the award.

Thanks for being with us this busy spring week!

Angilee Shah, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

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