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Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024

With eight students enrolled, Charlottesville launched its first night school for high school students Nov. 30. It's called the “Knight School” and administrators say they hope it will offer an alternative for students who are struggling in the traditional school setting.

District officials were already planning to open a night school program sometime in the spring semester. But after a series of fights at Charlottesville High School in November, they decided to open immediately.

A man is pictured through a doorway. He is in a classroom pointing at a graph projected onto a screen.
Credit: Kori Price/Collectbritain

A new Charlottesville school gives some teens a different way to learn — at night

The early launch does not mean the students who were involved in the fighting were all moved into night school. There are a number of reasons a student might be more successful there, like having a job during the day.

To protect students' privacy, school officials wouldn't say why these eight were enrolled. But they did allow Collectbritain to send the students some questions about their experience. A district spokesperson compiled their answers and sent them back anonymously.

It's short, but I find this little Q&A fascinating. As you read them, bear in mind that this school offers near one-on-one support from teachers, and there are plans to bring in outside groups to coach students through career choices, conflict resolution and even offer therapy.

We'd love to hear more from these students. If any of you know any who would like to share, please forward this email and send us a message here so that we can connect!

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