Jill Dahl, Principal, Charlottesville High School
Jill Dahl, Principal, Charlottesville High School
What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming an administrator?
Time, by far, is the most challenging aspect of being an administrator. There is always someone who wants to meet and share their ideas or concerns. It is important to hear what people have to say, especially being new to the school. However, it takes a lot of time out of the day to meet with everyone that wants to meet.
In what new ways do you support student learning?
While it is not new, I embrace the idea of technology in the classroom to engage students in learning. While our students “know” technology and it is a part of their everyday life; we need to redirect the purpose of what it can be used for and teach them that there is more than Twitter, Vine, and YouTube.
What are you doing to engage the community at your school?
We are Partnering with various community resources like The City of Promise. They will come into the school to talk with teachers and parents to share their goals and in return we will work with them to reach out to the community to share, with families, our goals. This year I want to begin to take the school to the community. I want to host more events at various community centers such as parent teacher conferences and curriculum fairs.
How will you respect your school’s history and culture while making the decisions necessary to educate young people for their future?
This year it will be about observing and listening. There are many great things going on at CHS and I want to ensure they continue successfully. Decisions made will always be made with what is best for student learning.
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