Pete Myers, Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Pete Myers drew a crowd of 50 to CitySpace as the featured speaker for the James River Green Building Council luncheon on Tuesday.

Myers is the founder and CEO of Environmental Health Sciences, and an expert on endocrine disrupting chemicals. His discussion focused on the connections between the built environment and human health.

“You guys have leverage,” Myers said. “You are building the environment that we’re going to be living in. You are making decisions that are going to last 50 years, 100 years, and you need to understand some of the science that I do.”

Myers described materials in our lives that contain endocrine disrupting chemicals, like BPA or arsenic, and the effects those chemicals have on our health.

“The science over the last 20 years on these issues has progressed so far and so fast that we are now in a position to act on that science and help people be healthier,” Myers said.

Myers’ complete remarks are available in the audio podcast included with this article.

Steve Bolton is the Sustainability Programs Manager at the CFA Institute in Charlottesville and is involved with the JRGBC Luncheons.

“This is significant information that needs to get out there,” Bolton said. “It is amazing that Pete is located here in Charlottesville, as one of the leading experts in the world on endocrine disruption.”

Albemarle Supervisor Ann H. Mallek was also in the audience and said she has attended multiple council luncheons.

“There is enough of a consumer level approach at the events that even for a non-scientist, non-professional, it is an approachable conversation,” Mallek said.

The James River Green Building Council Luncheon series will continue throughout 2014. The next event will be March 11, with Andrea Larson talking about creating sustainable business.