Thursday afternoon at the Crescent Halls apartments, Democrat

Holly Edwards

announced her bid for a seat on the

Charlottesville City Council

. She is the fourth announced candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for one of three seats on City Council this November.

Holly Edwards is a nurse and sixteen-year resident of the City. She said her professional and volunteer experience in the community, working with residents one on one to connect them with resources and essential services, has prepared her to work at the next level setting policy as a City Councilor. She is currently the Program Coordinator of the Public Housing Association of Residents.

Ms. Edwards intends to follow her motto, “Meeting people where they are,” as she examines “the systemic issues that foster the struggle to find an affordable place to live.” Edwards also highlighted her interest in creating sustainable jobs and promoting the health and wellness of all citizens.

She was introduced by

City Councilor Kendra Hamilton

who is not running for re-election.

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The City Council election is being held in November 2007 and local
Democrats have scheduled a June 2nd nominating convention. See

Watch page

for complete coverage of the City Council elections.

Holly Edwards’ campaign website is available here:

Brian Wheeler

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