(L-R) Members of the CHS Zero Robotics team Chau Dao, Nathan Shuster, Sam Rimm-Kaufman, Eliza Cohn, and Mary Stelow prepare for competition. The team is part of the student club BACON (Best All-around Club of Nerds).

At a recent parent information session at Cale Elementary, Albemarle County Schools staff introduced a proposal to pilot a dual language immersion program. The school curriculum would not change, but instruction would occur half the time in English and half the time in Spanish.

“The kind of day students have is going to be the same, just half of it is going to be taught in Spanish,” Jones said. “You will learn about a tree in another language, and still learn the same things about a tree.”

Cale’s immersion program would cost about $137,000 for two new employees. Providing world language instruction county-wide would cost as much as $300 per elementary school student per year.

Are you in favor of allocating funds (in Charlottesville or Albemarle) to support these dual language immersion programs in our schools?