The Virginia Piedmont Technology Council (VPTC) has released the list of nominees for the 2006 Tech Awards and Charlottesville Podcasting’s Sean Tubbs is a finalist for the Community Award. Congratulations Sean! [I’ll provide a link to the full list of nominees as soon as I can find them online]

The winners will be announced at the Tech Awards dinner on May 11, 2006.

Sean Tubbs has been instrumental introducing Charlottesville to the world of podcasting. It has been like a ripple in a pond. The wave of community engagement it has helped engender has been phenomenal. He volunteered to teach me how to podcast and that led to Collectbritain’s podcasts of local government meetings and candidate forums as featured on this weblog.

Sean has spent countless hours of his time recording and editing numerous important events and programs, some for a modest fee, most for free. He generously shares his equipment with an informal group of local podcasters. Visit his site and take a look at all the programs he has produced. It is an impressive accomplishment for one short year of existence. I wish him continued success and hope others in town will consider sending him some business.

Brian Wheeler

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