Cindy Leal as a James River Spiny Mussel

It was an unusual spectacle at this week’s meeting of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) when Policy Board members were dressed down by concerned residents adorned with placards, spikes and fur expressing their concerns about the Meadowcreek Parkway, the Eastern Connector, or both transportation projects.

Residents opposed to the Meadowcreek Parkway cited environmental concerns and preferences for transportation solutions that do not require new road construction. Some Parkway opponents argued that the project should have a comprehensive environmental impact study (EIS),

Tatyanna Patten
Rivanna Conservation Society

a study they argue has been avoided by the segmentation of the transportation project into three parts (City portion, County portion, and the interchange). City resident Stratton Salidis told the MPO that the road would be unbuildable if Federal law was followed and an EIS conducted on all three segments. City resident Colette Hall asked the MPO to put more time and energy into the Eastern Connector instead of the Meadowcreek Parkway. Cindy Leal (photo above) voiced her concerns dressed as the endangered James River Spiny Mussel while Bruce Hlavin came as a woodchuck (photo below).

In this recording by Collectbritain, Albemarle County Supervisor and MPO Chairman David Slutzky opens the public hearing. After listening to comments from the public, Mr. Slutzky and Supervisor Dennis Rooker both offer responses to the concerns raised by local residents. For more information on these and other local transportation projects, visit the Collectbritain Transportation Matrix .

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Bruce Hlavin, The Woodchuck