Charlottesville, VA—The dramatically-changing energy landscape facing the global community continues to be shaped by the spheres of business, policy and social behavior. Few people have engaged the energy sector from all of these vantages, and Charlottesville is fortunate enough to welcome one of them for an evening.

Jeremy Leggett, a clean energy entrepreneur, advocate and thought-leading writer, will visit the Paramount Theater on Wednesday, October 19 at 7:30PM for Winning the Carbon War: An Evening with Jeremy Leggett, a talk for the public that will capture his 25-year journey through what he dubs the “great energy transition” of global society from fossil fuels to a clean energy future.

Leggett, who began his career as an award-winning earth scientist who researched exploration opportunities for oil and gas energy companies, left the industry to join Greenpeace in the 1990s. In 1998, Leggett founded Solarcentury, which remains the UK’s largest independent solar electric company today. He later started the global non-profit SolarAid in 2006 to help African and other developing nations access solar power, funding this venture by utilizing 5% of the proceeds of Solarcentury’s annual profit. This work has introduced more than a million solar lights in Africa, helping reduce dependence on the kerosene lantern.

Leggett also founded and serves as the chairman of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a think-tank largely credited with spurring the global carbon divestiture movement. He is the author of four books, is a contributor to The Guardian and the Financial Times, lectures on business and society at the universities of Cambridge and St. Gallen, and is an Associate Fellow at Oxford University.

“We’re incredibly honored to have Mr. Leggett here in town; he brings a uniquely comprehensive perspective to the story of our global energy transition. It’s a real privilege to have a thought-leader of this caliber speak to our community,” writes Nate McFarland, Generation180’s Director of Digital Communications.

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